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Contributions may also be mailed to:

Abercrombie for Governor
1050 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 2150
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96814

Contributions to a Hawai‘i Gubernatorial Race

Please read carefully. Hawai‘i law governs campaign contributions for state and local races. Consult an attorney or the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission for further clarification.

  • For the Governor’s race, aggregate contributions cannot exceed $6,000 during an election period. An election period for a gubernatorial race is defined as a four year period between general election days.
  • Individuals may contribute up to $6,000 to Abercrombie for Governor without registering as a non-candidate committee with the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission.
  • Corporations are required to register and file reports with the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission for contributions from its own treasury that aggregate more than $1,000 per two year election period made to a candidate or candidate committee.
  • Candidate committees and political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission may contribute up to $6,000 to Abercrombie for Governor. However, if aggregate contributions exceed $1,000, the committee must register as a non-candidate committee with the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission.
  • Contributions from individuals must be made from their own funds, and not funds from another.
  • Anonymous contributions are prohibited under the campaign spending law.
  • Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.
  • Contributions from state and local contractors are not permissible.
  • Contributions to Abercrombie for Governor are not tax-deductible.
  • For more information, please review the Hawai‘i campaign spending law and administrative rules at

Fundraising Policies & Guidelines

Abercrombie for Governor (AFG) is a candidate committee registered with the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission. The purpose of AFG is to reelect Neil Abercrombie as governor of Hawai‘i. As part of its activities, AFG solicits campaign contributions from persons, including individuals, corporations, labor organizations, and non-candidate committees. In so doing, AFG sponsors events, activities, and makes direct solicitations for funds from potential donors. To guide the fundraising activities of AFG, the following policies and guidelines were developed.

  1. Fundraising activities shall be conducted in accordance with Hawai‘i state law, including complying with requirements set forth by the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission (CSC).
  2. All AFG fundraising events shall be approved by the campaign manager, and shall be duly registered with the CSC.
  3. AFG values and appreciates the support of all donors, large or small.
  4. Campaign contributions shall be solicited in a respectful manner, and without pressure or coercion.
  5. Not all potential donors may want to support Neil Abercrombie for governor. AFG supports the rights of citizens and entities to support the candidate of their choice.
  6. No promises or actions shall be made in exchange for campaign contributions.
  7. Upon receipt of funds, all donations shall be properly forwarded to the Abercrombie Headquarters to be processed by the AFG treasurer.
  8. Proper documentation of contributions shall be made, including reporting of name, address, occupation, employer and amount of donation as required by the Hawai‘i Campaign Spending Commission.