More than three years ago, we began a quest: to restore hope to this great state.

At that time in 2010, Hawai‘i had lost its way. Our state government couldn’t meet its obligations, and communities were suffering.

We needed a change. Together, you and I knocked on doors. We waved and held signs. We listened to and talked story with our neighbors, friends and families. Thanks to your hard work, enthusiasm and support, we won.

Abercrombie DiscussionWe’ve faced hard choices since I took office, but Hawai‘i is much better today. Our economy is no longer in recession; we’ve ended “Furlough Fridays”; we have among the lowest unemployment rates in the country; and we’ve turned the deficit that I inherited into a positive balance of $844 million.

We are on the right path, Hawai‘i. Together, we can move forward for a brighter future.

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